Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sexy Girls and Gambling

Hi all, another of my completely irrelevant posts about gambling and online casinos. I do like to keep up to date with what is going on in the online gambling world and for men that like to gamble what better than a whole host of sexy females!!

Casinos and many other male oriented pastimes often use sexy images to help sell the product, as we all know SEX SELLS. Many of the online casinos use this philosophy a little with the live dealers and maybe get some C LIST CELEBRITY to star in a TV advertising campaign. But the method is becoming less and less inviting for some reason. That is one reason why I have always loved ENERGY CASINO. Every year at about this time I receive through the post the Energy Casino calendar. The 2016 issue has just arrived, a little late, but it was worth the wait. This is a calendar not so much about the casino but about the girls they have working there. All these girls are on their live dealer games and really look the part.

They also do a little more than just provide a calendar each year. They do have a good casino and they even have a video channel where you can see the girls backstage during the photo shoot. So for those of you that meet the age requirements (lol) here is a little teaser.

If you want to see more of these girls you can visit the casino or the Energy Girls Youtube channel. This video is only 2:40 long but it breaks up the day and is something you never get bored of.

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