Friday, 12 February 2016

What is the best bonus?

I am often asked the question of what is the best bonus you can get an online casino. There are many different types of bonus that you can claim when you register as a new player, or you can choose to opt out of all bonuses. The choice is yours. The main bonus you will find at nearly all casinos is a deposit percentage bonus. Normally this will be a 100% cash match that will double your deposit, up to a certain value. Other casinos will reduce the percentage offered but increase the total amount you can claim whereas others may increase the percentage but give you a smaller total amount.

So when it comes to a first deposit bonus you have to decide whether to want to claim as much cash as you can because you can deposit a large amount of cash, you could then go for big casino bonuses of up to £4,000. But of course to get £4,000 free you would probably have to deposit at least £8,000. Still it's a lot of money.

If you are only looking to deposit up to £50 you should be able to find 150% or even 200% bonuses. The most common is the 100% cash match and most people should be pretty happy with this.

Another type of bonus that is often available is a FREE PLAY, or sometimes called a NO DEPOSIT BONUS. This is given to new players as soon as they register and allow the new player to look around and try a few games before making a deposit. This is obviously a good thing and sometimes some big amounts of money can be won. Just be careful here though because if you do win some good cash you will often find that in order to withdraw or use any of this money you have to make a significant deposit, and then wager perhaps 30x the amount you have deposited, and the winnings limit that you can claim is often very low, perhaps you can claim only £50 of anything you win. or maybe up to the total amount of the bonus that you were given.So a no deposit bonus can in no way referred to as a "blank cheque".

Another possibility is a FREE SPINS bonus. Many casinos will tempt you with free spins on the latest online slot machine games. This can be a good thing. You get to play the casino games without any risk. The amount of free spins will be at a set amount, and on certain games. There will be a maximum win limit and to convert these winnings into real cash to you need to make a deposit and meet the wagering requirements. But still it can be a good bonus to go for.

At the end of the day whether you get FREE PLAY, FREE SPINS or FREE CASH as part of a deposit bonus it all amounts to the same thing. You get some free money to play the casino games. Any winnings you make from this "free" bonus money are subject to terms and conditions, minimum deposits, maximum amounts and wagering play through. So my suggestion is not to necessarily look at the percentage match or the amount of cash but all the wagering requirements and other terms. This way you will find the best value bonuses. And it will help you choose the online casino that is right for you.

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