Saturday, 6 February 2016

The UK's favourite places

Good day all. I have long been interested in the habits of UK online gamblers, and often wondered where people play. It appears that the Brits trust safety and like to stick with what they know.

Over the last few decades the main form of UK gambling was the high street bookmakers. Names like William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power became established many years ago. With the birth of online gambling these high street brands had to follow suit. Starting with sports betting, but quickly moving into casino, poker and bingo.

British people know and trust these names. It is therefore no surprise that these are the most popular and used online gambling sites in the UK.

I do understand the reasons behind this but find it such a shame. Whilst these big brands do offer a good product and service it by no means the best on the market.

By following the mainstream herd and "playing it safe" the British player is missing out on some great casinos, better games and bigger bonuses.

As a British player myself I would definitely recommend full research, and a move away from the norm.

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